Our Approach

Relentlessly adding precision to your game leads to Mastery of your game. The most important element needed to add precision is immediate, accurate and reliable feedback. The first step then is to accurately measure the movement patterns in your swing caused by your biomechanical profile that will guide the decisions on what your most important priorities are. When you are able to see the root causes affecting the quality of your shots instead of guessing, you have a fighting chance to improve. It follows then, that seeing what is affecting your compression and ball flight with your own eyes, then gaining a new and different “feel” of a more precise swing will all but guarantee progress. That all sounds reasonable enough but doing it isn’t as straightforward as it seems. There is a huge stumbling block that every player must overcome. The belief that Instant Perfection is a possibility from just one session. We wish it was possible, we wish it could happen, but the truth is…Instant Perfection is Not Available.

“Because I hadn’t had enough time to really fully integrate it yet. You know, I just needed more time, and you know, people think that these changes happen overnight and they’re very easy. They’re not. They take lots of time. As I said, my first one (swing change) took over two years where I struggled a lot for a couple years, and the other one (swing change) was almost two years. So it takes some time, but once it kicks in, you understand the system, (your system) then it’s full go. ”  – Tiger Woods / November 30, 2011

Finally, changing your feel almost never feels good right away. In the beginning, any change in your swing will “feel” very different than your “natural” swing. But have you ever thought that it is possible that a change in your feel could be a good thing? After all, your current swing may feel great… but the good feeling swing isn’t working. If it was, why would you need a lesson?

With every returning client, we emphasize learning the difference in feel compared to the former pattern until it is no longer a negative influence on full swing shot consistency. Then we move on to the next most important area of improvement. The principle is:

“Let Mechanics Produce the Feel, then Let the Feel Reproduce the Mechanics.”  – Ron Gring

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Photo: Zach McMahon