Complete Club Data, in 3D and Full Body Data with Biofeedback!

Measurements, not estimates

Most systems rely on low resolution approximations of swing data, with algorithmic estimates filling in the gaps. GEARS provides hard data, actually measuring the entire swing as it unfolds.

Data. Lots of it.

GEARS analyzes over 600 images per swing, in less than a second. Because both the grip and head are tracked, that data provides significant insight into a swing, even including shaft deflection—information that cannot be obtained by tracking the grip alone.

Almost limitless detail is provided in this 3D video compared to the 2D video analysis. We’ll use this technique to find variations in backswing sequencing by measuring movement in three planes of freedom.

Optical motion tracking

– GEARS is an optical (camera-based) tracking system, powered by 8 ultra-HD (1.7 megapixel) cameras running at 360 frames per second. It offers numerous advantages over other approaches, including:

– Track any club, with snap-on club mounts
– Measurements as fine as 0.2 mm
– No wires attached to the user
– Golf ball detection, for pinpoint impact location information
– Simple system setup
– “Absolute positioning,” with zero drift (unlike inertial systems)

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Client Testimonials

If I have a question or I am struggling to help a pupil I pick up the phone and call Ron Gring. Ron will have an answer. It is that simple. -Neil Thompson

Ron Gring is an exceptional golf instructor to be sure, but in my mind, and more importantly, he is an exceptional person. You will be hard pressed to find a more sincere, devoted, passionate golf professional. -Joe Glasser

I have worked with Ron for over 11 years, from the age of 10.  I think of Ron as not only my golf instructor, but my mentor as well, and I believe my success in golf begins and ends with Ron’s guidance and instruction. -Hunter Bronson

Ron has spent his career becoming one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the country. He knows the swing, the body, and clubs and how they affect swing efficiency…-Don Parsons

Not only have I learned with, worked with and spoke professionally with Ron, but we have helped a PGA tour player obtain his fifth win together. -Dee Tidwell