I took my first lesson from Ron in 2003 when I was beginning my journey towards elevating my game to the next level.  After our first lesson, it was clear to me that I’d found my mentor in golf. Ron’s deep understanding of the physiology of the human body and how it functions throughout the golf swing allows him to pinpoint and convey key positions to the student that will allow for a naturally efficient swing.  

One of Ron’s great strengths is his ability to take a complex swing concept and break it down into a simple thought that the student can easily understand.  He then provides a series of drills that allow the student to gain their own personal feel for the change they are trying to make.  Since every golfer is unique, the correct swing for that player has be built through their own personal feel, as well as the specific physical limitations of that individual player.  Ron understands this as well as anyone.  Instead of sticking to a cookie cutter swing model like some other teachers do, Ron adapts to the student in a way that allows them to have their best chance of reaching their true golf potential.  In the end, isn’t that the most that any student could ever ask of their teacher?

-Pat Browne  / Former Mini Tour Player / @PBrowne


“Ron Gring is in my opinion the most knowledgeable teacher in the game today. He brings a level of enthusiasm to each student which is second to none. His desire to make each student better is at the core of his instruction. He realizes that no two individuals are alike and that each student has certain areas of their games that need specific attention. His attention to detail and the energy he brings to his instruction is what makes him such a great teacher.

I would not have had the success that I have had on the PGA Tour without the help of Ron Gring. He has been so instrumental in keeping me on track with my golf game and his ability to see things in my golf swing when things are going poorly has helped me to get back on track quickly. Ron is more than a golf instructor. He is a full student of the game, from psychology to fitness to nutrition. He is one of the few (perhaps only) instructors that I know who have this level of dedication to helping his students improve. I am fortunate to call Ron my friend. I know of no better person to trust your golf game with. Period.”
-Joe Durant / PGA Tour Member

I have been in the golf business for more than twenty years and I honestly believe there is no golf instructor in our industry that has a better understanding of the golf swing and its many facets than Ron Gring. Not only does Ron know how to teach the game and play the game of golf, he continually educates himself and his staff so that you the customer receive nothing but the best in the industry. If you’re truly committed to improving your game then you owe it to yourself to attend one of the many programs that Ron Gring has to offer.”
-Dave Phillips / Cofounder Titleist Performance Institute

“I have been lucky to have had great instructors my whole life. Years ago I decided to go to the next level with my game. My dad researched and found Ron to be the best in our area, and a Top 100 instructor. Ron quickly fixed a swing flaw I’d been trying to correct since I started to play and has improved every part of my game. He guides me not only in my swing, but course management, fitness, and nutrition. This year has been great under Ron’s guidance. I won the Future Tour Championship in Greenville, MAS, my division in the Alabama Junior Championship and 10 SJGT tournaments. I am glad I found an instructor who loves the game as much as me and glad to have Ron as a friend.”
-Alex Green / Jr. Golfer, Fairhope, Alabama

“When I began working with Ron at the age of 13, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was getting the most practical and up to date information on how to move my game to the next level. From that time on Ron has been a tremendous influence on me both as an aspiring junior golfer and as a young man. It amazes me to this day that someone with his level of expertise in engineering and bio mechanics can communicate such elaborate concepts in a simple and comprehensible manner. His background as both a student of the game and world-class player allow him to differentiate between improving a golf swing’s efficiency and merely improving it on a shallow, aesthetic level. This directly benefits all of his clients in that he helps us to understand not just what we are doing, but why we are doing it and how it will help us to become better golfers.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Gring is equipped with the knowledge, understanding, patience and experience to improve any and everyone’s golf game.

Thanks for Everything Guys!!!”
-Parker Page / Pepperdine University

“For me, Ron Gring has been a source and an inspiration. As a source, Ron is always willing to bring new information to the front lines and share it! As an inspiration, Ron is a true educator and a man. If you are looking for passion, knowledge, and honesty…look for Ron Gring. Oh by the way, you will get a lot better at hitting that golf ball too!
-V.J. Trolio
/ PGA Golf Instructor

“I have been a P.G.A. Golf Professional for 28 years. The desire to provide high level golf instruction is a passion of mine. My long journey to learn more about all aspects of the swing has been shortened because of my friendship with Ron Gring. Ron’s overall knowledge of the mechanics of the swing, the understanding of the body function in the swing, equipment knowledge, and the technologies that measure these areas is unparalleled. He uses his knowledge of all these areas to put together a plan for a golfer that is as good as any in golf. His desire to help his students is genuine. The only negative thing I could say is that I do not spend enough time around him. He is an inspiration to me and many other teaching professionals. I would recommend him to a beginner or to an accomplished P.G.A. Tour Player. ”
-James Leitz, P.G.A. Golf Professional / Certified Golf Machine Instructor, Slidell, Louisiana

“Over the years I have enjoyed working with you, as you have been extremely helpful to my golf career. Especially when analyzing my swing plane, your geometric approach is the key to improving my swing. I look forward to continue working with you in the future. Best of luck to you at Magnolia Grove.”
-Jerry Pate
/ PGA Tour Winner

“My name is Randy Burgan and I am President of US Sports Today, host of the Prep Sports Report and host of the popular golf radio show “Tee Time on the Gulf Coast.” In January my handicap was 14. Ron Gring and I started working together in February. I had a very bad out to in swing causing me to cast the club, producing the dreaded “slice” as well as creating much pain in my right elbow. Shortly after Ron and I began to work together not only did the pain in my elbow go away but so did the “casting” of the club. With the DVDs that Ron created for me from our sessions, I was able to begin a beautiful inside to out swing and watch my shots move from right to left instead of the ole slice shot.

My handicap is now down to an 8 and I forecast that by the end of the year, if I continue to work with Ron and follow his brilliant instruction, I will be at my goal of a handicap of 3. Ron is truly dedicated to the instruction, the building of each student’s potential within their individual physical limitations and the success of all his students from beginner to PGA Tour Professional. Ron Gring has been recognized as a top 100 PGA Tour Professional by Golf Magazine but in my mind, there is no question that Ron Gring is in the top 10 in the world.. Thanks Ron!”
-Randy Burgan
/ President of US Sports Today

“My name is Hunter Stewart. I am from Lexington, Kentucky. I chose to start making the nine hour drive to see Ron years ago, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Though Ron is my golf swing instructor, I also count him as a friend. We predominantly discuss golf, and tend to talk to each other as players rather than teacher to student. He has invaluable experience in all aspects of the game, and he is always eager to learn more about golf. His ability to relate to pressure situations has been one of my many favorite things. Recently, I played my best round of golf: 62. Though that is a great score, Ron and I are now in pursuit of 59. If you work with Ron, I can promise that he will never let you be satisfied with your game. He will always push you to be better.”
-Hunter Stewart
/ Vanderbilt University

“I have worked with Ron from the age of 10. I think of Ron not only as my golf instructor, but my mentor as well, and I believe my success in golf begins and ends with Ron’s guidance and instruction. Ron’s knowledge of the golf swing is truly unmatched. He combines the latest biomechanical data from top professionals and amateurs with an unparalleled knowledge of the Golfing Machine to provide an experience perfectly tailored for each individual. Ron’s greatest strength is that he explains the swing in a way that is both incredibly precise, yet easily understood for the golfer of any level. In all of my encounters with great instructors, I am convinced that there is not another human being with a more thorough knowledge of the stroke than Ron.

Ron’s expertise also extends into the field of golf fitness. He combines an extremely thorough fitness evaluation with an equally extensive swing analysis to provide a fitness and practice program designed to target each player’s weaknesses and accentuate his strengths. After implementing a regular fitness routine into my training program with Ron, I am more physically prepared to make the necessary changes in my swing – and as a result, my game has dramatically improved. Though his experience is as a top instructor and a competitive player, Ron has given me a mental and physical framework on which to build a successful career. I have found unique value in the personal and professional relationship we have developed over the years, and I cherish our friendship. I would not truly be the player or person I am today without Ron’s help.  I look forward to many more years of working with Ron and his staff.”
-Hunter Bronson
/ Former Collegiate Player, University of Alabama

“Ron has spent his career becoming one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the country. He knows the swing, the body, and clubs and how they affect swing efficiency and can help his players develop the swing that is most appropriate for their unique set abilities. If you spend any time with Ron you will feel his passion for the game and for his players. He knows what the job is and how to get it done and his track record with his students shows that.”
-Don Parsons / 2003 Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year

“If I have a question or I am struggling to help a pupil I pick up the phone and call Ron Gring. Ron will have an answer. It is that simple. I do it for two reasons. Ron has an unparalleled knowledge of golf and the golf swing, coupled with an insatiable desire to improve his knowledge base. One can never accuse Ron Gring of resting on his laurels! I also call Ron because he never acts like it is a burden to call him. He is a giver. He gives his time and freely lets me pick his brain over whatever issues I have called about. It is this giving nature that is essential in any teacher and one that all pupil’s want to see in their instructor, they need to know that the instructor cares. With Ron I suspect this is the case with all his pupils, be them a Tour player or a beginner golfer, Ron is going to find a way for them to succeed in achieving their goals and won’t let them rest until they do. For a pupil what more can you ask.”
-Neil Thompson / PGA Professional, Dir. Of Instruction Oxmoor Valley

“Not only have I learned with, worked with and spoken professionally with Ron, but we have helped a PGA tour player obtain his fifth win together. I fully believe that Ron is one of the best golf instructors in the world because “he gets it!” He gets it because he sees every golfer as an athlete and values the new golf paradigm which heavily emphasizes the importance of fitness as a major factor to the success of a players’ game. Selfishly, I wish he lived in Colorado so we could work together to change the game of golf one person at a time!”
-Dee Tidwell
/ Director Of Fitness at MetaGolf Learning Cen., CU Mens Golf Fitness & Performance Coach

“Ron Gring is an exceptional golf instructor to be sure, but in my mind, and more importantly, he is an exceptional person. You will be hard pressed to find a more sincere devoted passionate golf professional. I hired Ron at Lakewood Golf Club in 1985 as an Assistant Golf Professional. He then took responsibilities with enthusiasm, discipline, and resolve to do the job right. These traits have served Ron well throughout his career. I highly recommend him to anyone who has the desire to improve. You can be sure Ron will give you his total attention, and that he will craft a custom approach for each and every student. And, he will rarely concern himself with the amount of time he devotes to a student. At Lakewood, I would sometimes ask other Assistants where Ron was, and the response was, “He has a lesson, and he is giving the student a little more time…again!”
-Joe Glasser
/ President, Ace Consultants

“I am an English teacher by training and a golfer by birth. Fortunately I have a job where I get to teach in the mornings and coach high school golf in the afternoons. I first met Ron in the fall of 2007, when he came to Woodberry Forest for a weekend clinic with our golf team. After that weekend I realized how lucky my players and I were.

Ron spent nearly every waking moment us, videotaping swings and prescribing drills. Ron also had us screened for functional movement to establish individualized workouts to improve flexibility, strength, and core stability. I went through the same routine as my team, and I got to eavesdrop on all the lessons Ron gave. It was like getting a graduate degree in golf instruction.

Ron is a superior teacher. He has the knack of coming up the words to reach each individual. He doesn’t have a one-swing-fits-all solution; instead, Ron tailors his instruction to make you better right now. This is one way Ron establishes rapport with a student. He can then make long-term suggestions for improvement through a combination of physical conditioning and golf drills. Taking an hour lesson with Ron, I hit a lot of golf balls, watched a lot of video, and envied his skill as an instructor.

In the succeeding years Ron has worked with my team on all facets of the game: putting, short game, course management, and strategy. It’s no accident that Woodberry Forest has won our league championship back to back 2009-10. And my game? At 47 I achieved a lifetime goal of becoming a scratch golfer.

When you sign up with Ron, you’re a client for life. Despite his busy schedule, Ron is only a phone call away. He also responds to all the video clips I send him, giving lessons remotely.

It’s been a blessing for me to work with Ron. I’m confident you’ll find your experience to be the same.”

-Marc A. Hogan / Varsity Golf Coach, Woodberry Forest School

“Ron has a passion and gift for teaching.   Whether beginner or tour player his knowledge and enthusiasm make for a fantastic learning environment.  As a mentor to me his guidance and tutilidge have helped me achieve great successes as a player and Instructor.  Anyone wanting to become a better golfer should seek Ron’s help.”

-Mark Blackburn, PGA GSEM / Director of Instruction, Graystone Golf & County Club, Birmingham, AL.

Ron, I wanted to take the time to thank you , For years my greatest hope’s were for my kid’s to want to play golf and yes I exposed  them to lesson’s to no avail.  My daughter loved Competition Cheerleading and my son Soccer, Then the day came when my son Connor came to me as a freshman at U.S.C and said he wanted to play golf, he also said it was you he wanted to work with.  So we made the appointment and came from Fort Mill S.C and it was worth the 10 hour drive as I new it would be.  I have had the pleasure of your teaching’s since 1995 and developed  my skill’s into a repeatable swing I can count on, to many people want instant  results and a real student of the game know it takes time and patience.  My son Connor is hitting the ball better than ever and this is because of your teaching’s.   Also my daughter Kaitlyn now wants to go to the range.

Best Wishes 

Bill Masterson of Fort Mill S.C


I have been around PGA tour players for 20 years. In that time, I have seen players from around the world compete on some of the the games’ grandest stages. These players come in all different sorts of body types, with all different types of swings. No two golf swings are the same, and golfers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. What impresses me most about Ron is his ability to craft instruction that fits the uniqueness of the individual, and not one that solely adheres to a single swing philosophy. Ron’s knowledge of the swing and the game is as good as it gets!

Thomas Lamb / PGA TOUR Caddie

Client Testimonials

If I have a question or I am struggling to help a pupil I pick up the phone and call Ron Gring. Ron will have an answer. It is that simple. -Neil Thompson

Ron Gring is an exceptional golf instructor to be sure, but in my mind, and more importantly, he is an exceptional person. You will be hard pressed to find a more sincere, devoted, passionate golf professional. -Joe Glasser

I have worked with Ron for over 11 years, from the age of 10.  I think of Ron as not only my golf instructor, but my mentor as well, and I believe my success in golf begins and ends with Ron’s guidance and instruction. -Hunter Bronson

Ron has spent his career becoming one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the country. He knows the swing, the body, and clubs and how they affect swing efficiency…-Don Parsons

Not only have I learned with, worked with and spoke professionally with Ron, but we have helped a PGA tour player obtain his fifth win together. -Dee Tidwell