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Featured Video: Trunk Rotation for More Power (video shown with permission from!

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Featured Video: Create More Power with 7-7-7 Drill (video shown with permission from!

Featured Video: Don’t Be Square – Add Some Flare!

Featured Video: Accurate Hand Path = Accurate Iron Shots

Featured Video: Ron Gring Sidewinder Grip (video shown with permission from!

Featured Video: Ron Gring Add Yards In a Hurry (video shown with permission from!

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Featured Video: Save Par From Greenside Bunker (video shown with permission from!

Ron, just wanted to drop a note to say that I looked at your “T” drill, something that I had gotten away from. Have been practicing with it, turning my spine more and have gotten my turn back to where it was. Thanks for the info. even though I’m a 3-handicap, things can get away from you.

Dennis H. Silvers
Syndicated Radio/TV Golf Talk Show Host
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Client Testimonials

If I have a question or I am struggling to help a pupil I pick up the phone and call Ron Gring. Ron will have an answer. It is that simple. -Neil Thompson

Ron Gring is an exceptional golf instructor to be sure, but in my mind, and more importantly, he is an exceptional person. You will be hard pressed to find a more sincere, devoted, passionate golf professional. -Joe Glasser

I have worked with Ron for over 11 years, from the age of 10.  I think of Ron as not only my golf instructor, but my mentor as well, and I believe my success in golf begins and ends with Ron’s guidance and instruction. -Hunter Bronson

Ron has spent his career becoming one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the country. He knows the swing, the body, and clubs and how they affect swing efficiency…-Don Parsons

Not only have I learned with, worked with and spoke professionally with Ron, but we have helped a PGA tour player obtain his fifth win together. -Dee Tidwell